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Coreil Editorial Services, LLC

Editing solutions for writers, nonprofits, and small businesses

Misplaced Modifier!

During Easter week a local TV station reported

on a reenactment in Girard Park,

with Roman soldiers wielding  swords,

of Christ's crucifiction near the duck pond.  

What better time to write your book?

  • Your writing deserves space in your busy life. Make it a priority!                                                        

  • Options for publishing have greatly expanded---whether you choose to self-publish or go with a  hybrid or traditional publisher.                                                                   

  • We can help you navigate the fast-changing publishing landscape and produce a professional, marketable book.                                                         

  • Call Marie for a free consultation                  

  • 337/442-3978

Let's Talk

Hello, I'm Marie and I love to work with words. Whether you need a light edit to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, or heavier wordsmithing to better engage the reader and get your point across, I'm here to help. I also provide consultation services for authors seeking developmental editing, manuscript evaluation, or guidance about the publishing process. 

My fees are affordable and based on the type of service and turnaround time. Past and current clients include self-publishing authors, hybrid/independent publishers, nonprofit organizations, university faculty, students, and small businesses. I've edited fiction and nonfiction books, academic papers, newsletters, newspaper columns, theses and dissertations, admissions essays, letters of recommendation, research proposals, press releases, project reports, and resumes. I have experience using the major style guides: APA, CMS, AP, MLA, AMA, and AAA. 


Some people aren't sure what kind of editing assistance they need. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and clarify the kinds of support that will help achieve your goals. 


My Services

Editing photo.jpg

Copy Editing

Correct errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, and format. Verify references and names.

Proofreading image.jpg

Substantive Editing

Revise to improve ease of reading, consistency of style, sentence construction, and standards of the genre.

Rewriting photo.jpg

Developmental Editing

Advise on book plan or suggest improvements in organization, narrative, content, style, and appeal.  

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